Frequent questions

– Can the training be done at all levels in the company?


– How long does the training last?

Constant training is preferable. It is suggested that all sectors should be trained in terms to have all the sectors trained in a rotary way to have an organic and systematic vision of the organization.

– How much does it cost?

The cost adapts to the objectives and strategies made agreed between CECI and the customer.

– Which is the difference between CECI and others companies?

CECI is an integrated and highly improved of theory and practice on field, which means that the trainees will receive theory and practical at the workplace.

– Which are the advantages?

It’s an informative and formative system where the personal and professional growth is one of the principal values. CECI can evaluate the results achieved in the training in record time, as working together with the trainees at their workplace it is easy to see the developing and the possibilities they have and where the focus should be placed.

– In which areas does CECI works?

In every area, with a professional who has been trained for each of them. The team is going to work in the motivational aspects of the group. Principally with neuroscience, leadership skills, as well as the synergy and technic knowledge specific for each activity developed.